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Brave Learners Picnic 2021

2020, an unusual year, was an interesting time for the homeschooling community. More folks sat up and took notice of home education and many joined the club, Alhamdulillah. 2020 also meant being lonely and missing out on friends and group activities. A challenging time for both old home schoolers and newbies!

With spring here, and resuming of activities all over the country, Brave Learners came back with its annual picnic on March 7th 2021. The event was held at Islamabad’s picturesque Japanese park, located at the foot of Margalla hills, and brought together homeschooling families from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Young volunteers from Brave Learners welcomed mums, dads and kids from both veteran and new homeschooling families and guided them to the picnic spot.

Each family brought their mats and snacks, and soon the circle of mums was alive with chit chat and intros, while the kids had a good time on the play structures and dads started their own discussion. On the mothers’ side, two talks had been arranged where experienced homeschooling mothers talked about challenges faced in the homeschooling journey and how to overcome them. The talks were interactive and initiated some fruitful discussion. It was great to see many new HS mums full of ideas and inspiration. The kids thoroughly enjoyed a bit of freedom exploring the park, and made new friends among the HS tribe. At noon, everyone enjoyed the feast that was put together by yummy contributions from each family. Alhamdulillah it was a time well spent!

Ladies agenda:

  • Individual introductions
  • Shahana Farooqullah: Emotional well-being of homeschooling mothers & dealing with stress
  • Sana Hashim: Multi tasking – to do or not to do
  • Q & A
  • Break, Salah and snacks

Alhamdulillah the event feedback was very positive. Although the location was unfortunately not ideal, it was still a welcome treat for families who were missing social gatherings with fellow homeschoolers for almost a year due to the pandemic.

Jazakillahu khairan wa BarakAllahu feek. It was a very well organised, very beneficial event. My kids thoroughly enjoyed, and made some valuable new friends?

JazakAllah khair kaseer for organizing the wonderful picnic. As always Brave Learners did an amazing job organizing to the last detail and providing an amazing opportunity to the homeschooling community to connect. May Allah Grant you all abundant blessings for your efforts and may all those who benefit be a source of Sadiqa jarriya for you all. It’s a blessing truly to have this team of Brave Learners amongst us to guide, motivate and lead us to be better homeschoolers. Love and prayers for you for all the hard work. ??

It was an awesome gathering. The talks were very helpful, the hard work was evident. My kids made new friends and they were utterly happy.


We wish to see all of you again soon in sha Allah!


Shahana Farooq runs an amazing homeschool coaching service, where she offers individual and customized advice for your homeschooling blues. You can get in touch with her here: Bint Farooq Homeschool Coaching Service

You can review the summary of Sana Hashim’s talk on multitasking here.


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