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Salah with Heart

Brave Learners hosted an event in preparation for Ramadan 1442H, which was entitled Salah with Heart. This was planned as an interactive workshop spread over the course of two days, 5th and 6th April 2021 and was conducted by Umm Aymun, a veteran homeschooler and mother of three.

The first session covered the importance and different perspectives of Salah, and the significant messages of each element of Salah. The participants were also provided with an online form to evaluate their Salah. In the end, Umm Muaz gave a short but wonderfully inspirational talk titled “Soulful Salah”, on how to make the most of our Salah.  This was particularly helpful for mothers of young children as she shared her experience of striving for a soulful Salah while dealing with four active and demanding children Ma Sha Allah.

The second session started off with a quick quiz to review the topics of day 1. Next we took a look at the Salah of our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and some of our righteous Salaf. Then the meaning and importance of Khushu’ was discussed in detail and finally some practical tips about how to start bringing Khushu’ in our prayers. The participants were provided with a Salah improvement plan and a Weekly Salah Tracker as tools for improvement.

To finish off, Fatimah Ali (aka Danielle Ali Shah) shared her beautiful journey into the fold of Islam and her experience with Salah, titled “Striving to improve Salah: a 23-year-journey”. She talked about her experience with meditation and how she experienced Salah in a deeply spiritual way. She shared her struggle to memorize Salah and its meanings, and also described practical tips that she uses to improve her Salah constantly.

Alhamdulillah, the feedback we received was very encouraging. The participants found the workshop beneficial and wanted to share the material with their families.

Alhamdulillah it was v.good. Hopefully it will help in improving our salah. May Allah give ajar in both the world’s, JazakAllah to all who put effort in arranging this.

Jazak’Allah khair… This was a much needed session as we are are struggling with our khusoo… And thanks a lot for arranging it right before ramazan…. MAY ALLAH bless us all and accept our salahs Inshaa’Allah.


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To access slides of Day 1: Click Here

To access slides of Day 2: Click Here

To download Handout for Day 1: Click Here

Salah Improvement Plan

Weekly Salah Tracker

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