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Stronger Together Online Sequel

This Online Sequel of Stronger Together Curriculum Fair was arranged on high demand for those who had missed the on-site event in Islamabad, or had attended it but couldn’t see all the booths. It enabled audience from all over the world to benefit from the vibrant homeschooling community of Islamabad and provided homeschooling inspiration, resources and solutions!

Brave Learners was honoured to host this unique homeschooling conference from 1st March to 12th March 2022, with a daily talk covering various topics which form the core of a homeschooling venture. It got on board some of the veteran homeschoolers and some energetic, inspiring new voices, each of whom was passionately connected to the topic that they presented. We tried to cover:

🔹 Advice and tips from experienced parents on how to teach various subjects.

🔸 Solutions to common homeschooling and parenting challenges.

🔹 Inspiration from personal journeys of homeschoolers.

Check out our spotlight posters in the slideshow below, for an overview of the topics and speakers:

Alhamdulillah, this event was successful beyond our imagination and we are utterly thankful to Allah Azza wa Jal who provided us this opportunity to bring much needed support and guidance for hundreds of households. The team was overwhelmed with messages of gratitude and duas after every session! We pray that Allah accept this small effort and make it Sadqa Jariyah for each and every team member, coordinator and speaker, each of whom worked tirelessly to make this event smooth and successful!
Special thanks to our collaborators: Shahana Farooq, Aleeza Umm Affan and Hadiya Mudassir for supporting the Brave Learners team.


We are pleased to compile all the available resources of this Curriculum Spectrum here. Bookmark, download, use, share and remember all the contributors in your prayers!

Topic Speaker(s) Slides Write-ups/Talks

Social Media Links

Essentials of Homeschooling Umm Aymun & Shahana Farooq Envision your Homeschooling Path  summary coming soon iA Umm Aymun’s Blog

Binte Farooq HS Service

The Learning Mom Sana Mughees Unschoolstory Journey of a Learning Mom Unschoolstory Instagram
World Within Words Shirin Feiruz QnA on Living Books by Shirin The Living Books Project Website

Shirin’s HS Blog

The Art of Living Aymun Sajid Aymun’s Essay Aymun Thinks Blog
Early Learning 101 Umm Affan & Maryam Yasin Early Learning Guide

Prepared Home Environment

پہلی درس گاہ

The Odd Muslimah

Maryam Yasin’s WA group

Seerah – Days of Gold Umm Musa & Javeria Aqeel سیرت کیوں اور کیسے؟

Seerah – Days of Gold

سیرت سے جڑیے سیرت سے جوڑیے

Seerah Journey

Javeria’s Blog and Instagram

AstroMomin Facebook

A Journey with Arabic Shazia K. Rahim & Haadiya Sajid Shazia’s Slides

Haadiya’s slides

رحلة مع العربية (Haadiya) Al Falah Manzil Trust
Fathers’ Role in Homeschooling Hafiz Nuzair Hasan & Muhammad Wajeehuddin Br Nuzair Hasan’s slides والد ایک دوست ایک مربی

Recording of Br Wajeeh’s talk

Wajeehuddin’s website
Raising Entrepreneurs Waqqas Shafi Raising Entrepreneurs slides Recording of talk (@ 44 mins onwards) Waqqas Shafi’s WhatsApp group
Worldschooling Fareeaha Subar Worldschooling slides Interview transcript (coming soon iA) Fareeaha’s Facebook
Unschooling, Nature Studies & Co-ops Katelynn Sovie, Hadiya Mudassir & Habiba Sadiq Nature & Unschooling slides Unschooling Cheat Sheet

Co-ops intro

Session Notes

Katelynn’s Instagram

Habiba’s Instagram

Math and Social Sciences Shazia Hasan & Sana Hashim Make Math Fun
Math Mentoring
Social Sciences
Shazia’s WhatsApp group

MissionLife Facebook

Urdu & Iqbaliyat Rohma & Asmaa Urdu Slides -Rohma

Iqbaliyat Slides -Asmaa

اردو ہے جس کا نام

اقبال ایک بھولا ہوا سبق
تدریسی نصاب برائے پرائمری

Hamara Iqbal
WhatsApp group
Revival of Iqbal by homeschoolers
Quran – Curriculum of Life Umm Aymun & Javeria Aqeel Quran – Curriculum of Life Resources for Quran Learning
Quran Journaling (Javeria)
بچوں کو قرآن سے جوڑیے (Ramlah)
Quran with Heart
Emaaniyat Amanullah Ashraf Emaaniyat – Why & How Emaaniyat Resources  –
Living the Quran Ahmad & Abdullah Awwad Living the Qruan Qul Arabic Facebook
Tahfeez ul Quran Uzma Nadeem Essentials of Tahfeez ul Quran Slides Transcription (In Progress) For Hifz related queries: Whatsapp:

For queries, contact

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