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Blessed Blueprint

Brave Learners’ second event took place on 17th March 2019. The Brave team was privileged to have Ustadh Abid Ishaq conduct a workshop entitled “Blessed Blueprint – The Mission & Promise of Surah Al-Qadr”.

Muslim homeschoolers often long to establish an Islamic core to their curriculum. It sometimes seems like a daunting task. Like the Night of Power on which it was revealed, the Noble Quran contains a life-changing formula for success.Through this blessed surah, Ustadh Abid coached us on how to approach the Quran like the perfect manual that it is.

What was covered:

  • How to instill a deep love for and devotion to the Quran
  • How to delve deeper into Quranic knowledge
  • Tips on how to study the Quran and live it
  • Guidance on establishing a Quran culture at home

You may listen to the workshop in full by clicking on the links below:


The Brave Team also got positive feedback for this workshop.

“[A] well planned event.”

“I had been listening to various scholars on you tube, but live listening has a very different effect. Plus the small group was also very helpful in learning and focusing.”

“The talk was inspiring and the ustadh was very encouraging. I think he has a wealth of knowledge we did not sufficiently tap into.”

“It was lovely and I felt good! Alhamdulillah. Just as lovely participants and the brownies!!”

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