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Quran With Heart

Brave Learners conducted its third event on 20th April 2019: Quran With Heart, an interactive workshop by Umm Aymun. She is a veteran homeschooler of three daughters aged 10-17, who have made the Quran an integral part of their home education. This  workshop was a  wonderful opportunity for Islamabad mums to meet and gear up for Ramadan. It was conducted using worksheets that the participants filled in as the talk went along as well as a multimedia presentation.

What was covered:

  • The 5 dimensions of learning the Quran
  • How to learn and teach the Quran
  • Practical tips on creating and nurturing a Quran culture in the home
  • Lesson ideas using case studies with selected surahs and ayaat


The Brave team got incredibly positive reviews for this interactive workshop.

“It was very good practical advice and we left much richer after the talk. Very inspiring, Barakallahu.”

“It was very well planned. The workshop itself was executed quite professionally by the speaker. The fact that handout/worksheet provided with the talk wasn’t just copies of the slides was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! So much work!! MashaAllah. Much appreciated.I would liked if the snack time was included/mentioned on the flyer. Would have helped to mentally prepare my husband for the extra time.”

“It was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

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