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Brave Learners Picnic

The first official Brave Learner’s event took place on the sunny morning of 24th February 2019. A picnic that welcomed mothers, fathers and kids, it brought together families from across the twin cities. The participants comprised of veteran, new and ex-homeschoolers. It also included beneficial talks by experienced parents. While the adults discussed among themselves, the older teens were put in charge of organizing games for the kids.

Kids agenda:

  • Individual introductions
  • Games: Tug-of-war, wheelbarrow race, relay race, Frisbee game
  • Break, Salah and snacks
  • Ninja demonstration by a teenage homeschooler

Ladies agenda:

  • Individual introductions
  • Aisha Idrees: Early Learning
  • Uroos Fatima: Parenting and Time Management
  • Sana Hashim: Breaking Homeschooling Myths
  • Break, Salah and snacks
  • Q & A

Gents agenda:

  • Individual introductions
  • Salman Siddiqui: His son’s profile
  • General discussion among fathers
  • Break, Salah and snacks
  • Ninja demonstration (also attended by kids)


Alhamdulillah, the feedback that the Brave Learner’s team received from the participants was very encouraging. Since it was the first event, there was definitely room for improvement, but the team could agree that it was a brilliant first try.

“It was very organised and in fact much more inspiring than I was expecting! I genuinely felt renewed energy afterwards.”

“It was a great initiative, loved it! The give aways were so cute!”

“Event was well organised. Easily acceptable and non-formal type.”

“If this meet up could start later, I think more people could show up. I loved how kids had such good company to hang out with and learn from.”

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