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On Sunday, 22nd September 2019, Brave Learners organized another event: a sharing session dedicated to parenting with peace and tranquility. It was held for mothers to get together, share experiences, gain insight and receive support for their parenting journey.

The discussion was led by Aisha Idris, a homeschooling mother of four, and started off by listing what parenting means; problems that parents typically face and then figuring out the causes and the solutions. The personal stories shared by the participants made the discussion lively and relevant. A gem board was prepared by the Brave team to list the main points of the discussion. Alhamdulillah, the participants found the event very beneficial and enlightening. Below is some feedback from the attendees.

“You know how we have lost the village that raised the child? This is a good village you are building.”

“MashaAllah Aisha conducted it well, making it two-way and engaging. The flip charts were a good idea. The venue was cosy and neat. Gave us adequate space for the talk, the kids and refreshments.”

“Jazakillah Khair for this beautiful event. My pleasure to have met such intelligent and impressive, caring people who organised today’s event, in shaa Allah I’ll try my best to be a member of this team. I would love to attend more and more events. Jazakillah Khair again”

“Jzk khair for the talk today, the tips you gave were so helpful. I learnt a lot today. May Allah reward you, and give you more knowledge to also share with us. It’s really nice knowing you guys are here”

“The way you managed was great..focused us not to discuss just anything. Its a sign that everyone was engaged and that’s due to your delivery”

“Today was my first session at Brave Learners. You guys are so strong!”

“I’m really looking forward to more events in the future.”

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