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Stronger Together: Homeschoolers Curriculum Fair

On 24th November, 2019, the homeschooling community got together for a day jam-packed with connecting, sharing, learning & entertainment at a open-air but cozy venue at a farm in Chak Shahzad. Brave Learners was thrilled to organize its first large-scale event, which proved to be first of its kind for the local homeschool community.

From math to permaculture, from Quranic studies to science and from Charlotte Mason to unschooling, visiting families got to interact with families presenting their favorite resources and sharing their teaching styles for an enriching experience. The stalls sharing resources and giving advice & tips to homeschoolers at the event were:

  • Well-Read: Charlotte Mason & nature studies
  • Number Ninjas: Hands on Math
  • Permaculture
  • Urdu resources and curricula
  • Quran with heart: studying and teaching Quran
  • Unschool story: Electronic creations and art expressions by young homeschoolers
  • Art Mash Up: Assortment of art techniques and displays by homeschooled teens and tweens
  • Science (by SMARTIES)
  • Events and field trips for homeschoolers
  • Asma’s kitchen: selling homemade snacks, cereals, sauces and syrups
  • Paramount Books
  • Prime water and crisps
  • Biryani stall

The Brave team was delighted to see the huge turnout, Alhamdulillah. Families left the event quite happy and satisfied and there was an overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees.

“My family and I, absolutely loved the fair. It was just perfect. I absolutely loved hearing and seeing how you used storybooks to teach or help your little ones learn and expose them to so much information and history and that too at their own pace. And the book selection was amazing, I bought so many and I really had fun. I hope this kind of event happens regularly. It was really helpful. Thank you so much for putting this together. And bringing like minded families together.”

“It has only been a pleasure of ours, the ones at the receiving end. I fail to find words to thank you for this amazing manner in which you’ve started empowering us and provide loving support to those of us who need it from all of you. I’d like all of this to be repeated Inshaa’ Allah! The fair was a thoroughly valuable experience. We left feeling supplemented and craving for more. What a thorough and meticulous effort. The environment and the place was a huge blessing. JazakAllah Khairun kaseera!”

“We drove straight to the fair from Lahore and drove back straight home after it. I was having second thoughts till Fajr but i cant even start to tell you how happy i am that Allah swt gave me this opportunity. Every second of it was worth it. It wasn’t about HS, information, curriculum – for me it was honestly a surge of positive energy, a reflection of how our ummah could be a community and extreme joy on discovering such gems and knowing that some great ummatis are being raised to make my RasulUllah ﷺ proud. Got advice that no blog/website/talk/WhatsApp group could’ve ever given me!”

“MashAllah you guys put up an amazing show. I think it was very well arranged. It totally felt like a one huge family looking out for each other❤ Looking at you guys give me a lot of strength I know I can’t do it alone it’s this big family that makes things possible!”


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