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Stronger Together Idea Book

We have entered uncharted territory in these strange times. Covid-19 has wrought some profound changes in our lives and it may be a long while before things return to the familiar, if ever. Now that people are more homebound than ever, many families are turning to homeschooling and wondering how they can do it.

While we don’t have all the answers – every family is unique, after all – some of us have acquired some experience in homeschooling. Last year, Brave Learners collaborated with Islamabad Homeschoolers to organise a curriculum fair, Stronger Together. During this event, homeschoolers gathered to share resources, purchase hand-picked books and network. It was a lovely day of beautiful conversations and ideas.

We had produced an idea book for those who attended the fair. We’d now like to offer this book as a free download for families who need a little help navigating their homeschool journey.


Feel free to share this link and download. If you wish to reproduce any of the articles and resources from the book, please credit Brave Learners and Islamabad Homeschoolers and link back to our sites.

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