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Our Children and Urdu: Why and How

Brave Learners hosted a comprehensive, small-scale webinar on a topic much sought after: how to make Urdu teaching/learning engaging, and why even take the pain. Four speakers were selected, each offering a unique insight into the subject. We tried to cover the topic and resources from diverse angles, so as to benefit attendees of all possible backgrounds. Alhamdulillah the turn-out was good and some 170 participants attended the session.

Our speakers’ panel consisted of:
Mrs. Haider, Romanian revert, experienced DIYer, settled in Pakistan for the past fourteen years. She left participants inspired by an account of why she resolved to learn Urdu and how she achieved her goal despite many challenges.

Aisha Idris, homeschooling mother of four talented kids and founder of an Ed-tech startup focused currently on Urdu. Aisha’s presentation focused on first aid solutions for Urdu learning. She was full of ideas, resources and practical tips Ma Sha Allah, and her family’s learning journey was an engaging account for listeners.

Dr. Ramlah Hasan, an experienced homeschooling mother of five Urdu-savvy children. The well-planned presentation by Dr. Ramlah described the carefully thought out methodology that she has used with her children to develop proficiency in Urdu reading, writing, speaking and understanding. She shared some of the less-known but excellent resources of both formal and informal teaching methods.

▪Maryam Asif (Umm Muaz), founder of Naaf’ay Books & homeschooling mother of four; focused on “Why Urdu”. She used analogies and practical life examples to highlight the importance of Urdu in building strong identity values in children.

Two young participants – Muaz and Zakariya also joined us briefly. Muaz eloquently recited a poem by Iqbal entitled Khitab ba Jawanane Islam (خطاب بہ جوانان اسلام) and Zakariya engaged the participants with some unique old-timey riddles. BarakAllahu Feehim!

A short Q&A session was conducted to bring the session to an end.

Alhamdulillah, the feedback we received was overwhelming just like the registrations. Over 70% of the attendees who filled the feedback form were highly satisfied, and most commented that they had found the session engaging and practical.

Indeed a beautiful session I never thought I would be glued to this session for the entire time period. It was worth it

Thank you for putting all this together. It was informative, comprehensive, and amazing!

جزاکم اللہ خیر ۔۔۔ آپ لوگ بچوں میں خود اعتمادی بڑھانے کی بات کر رہے تھے۔ آپ یقین کریں کہ اس نشست کے بعد میں اپنی خود اعتمادی میں کافی اصافہ محسوس کر رہی ہوں الحمد اللہ۔

بہت بہت شکریہ۔ مجھے آج بہت خوشی ہو رھی ھے ۔ اللہ آپ کو جزائے خیر دے

I loved the analogy of olive tree used by Mariam, and Dr Ramla came up with some really practical tips.

Very informative and inspirational session masha Allah. Please leave more time for Q & A next time.

Resources: *

Urdu Resources List

List of Storybook Publishers

Aisha Idris’ Slides

Book List of Aisha’s slides

Dr Ramlah’s Slides


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